For 10 years now, Ghillie’s, the French Band with Irish influences, is hitting the road, spreading joy to both listeners and dancers.
Ghillie’s is composed of four musicians, with different identities, joining their forces to produce music that is full of energy and authenticity, and which is at the crossroads between traditionals from France and Eire.

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Rocky Road

“After three E.P’s and the LP Premier bal, Ghillie’s makes a strong comeback with 12 new pieces in a new LP that is a real invitation to travel and dance.
Rocky Road is a poetic stroll, mixing original compositions and traditional tunes, arranged in a Ghillie’s recipe: a subtle blend of Irish, French,Jazz and Swedish influences!
If the first title sang by Yohna, with her powerful voice, will directly lead you to Dublin, other compositions on the album, like Valse d’Adèle or Song of Love, will invite you to wander off the beaten track.
What’s the craic? is a set of frenzied jigs and reels that will make you feel like dancing!
In this set, Ghillie’s is now performing with the Breizh Jiggers, a dance company, in a show that will send you directly in a Celtic and magical world.”

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