Education: internships & school interventions

Ghillie’s, composed of musicians that are also music teachers, can do workshops, and projects within music schools or regular schools.


Designed for all types of musicians, no matter what age or skills, our workshops are based on learning traditional tunes in conjunction with learning the related dances. Indeed, dance and music are deeply linked! Two annual workshops are organized: one in February in a music school near Paris, and the other near Tours (both have a students’ restitution at the end!)

In music schools

Ghillie’s always works in close partnership with the teachers of the music schools. The band provides an introduction to traditional music through learning by ear, dancing and singing, but also using musical instruments. Every project is tailor-made and therefore unique.
( They have been working with three different music schools for the past 3 years).

With regular schools

Depending on the age of the children and the type of class, Ghillie’s adapts its repertoire to fit the expectations of teachers. The band will perform for children in order to let them do their first step in the world of traditional music and dance, from Ireland and France. Musicians will dedicate a specific time to introduce their instruments and their history. If some songs have been learned by the children with the teacher, Ghillie’s can also accompany them by singing, and they do this with great pleasure!

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